COVID -19 Response Policy

Homestead Inn and Suites
COVID -19 Response Policy

As a result of the most devastating virus since 1918, and in the interest of keeping our guest thoroughly informed, we subscribe to the following COVID-19 policy. Given that COVID-19 response methods vary as the CDC and others learn more about prevention and treatment, this policy is an ever changing guideline:

1. It is our policy to accept people from out of state who may or may not have COVID-19 but must be quarantined due to orders issued by the Governor of Montana or Big Horn County Health Department.

2. It is our policy to respect the rights of all guests, including those related to HIPPA.

3. It is our COVID-19 Response policy not to deny services to people who may or may not have the COVID virus; however, if such individuals are identified, we shall endeavor to provide them a room (quarantine) in a designated section of our motel where contact with other guests is minimal to non-existent.

4. It is our COVID-19 Response Policy to provide lodging to COVID responders, including but not limited to medical personnel, counselors, transportation providers, patients, and ancillary service personnel (i.e. food service providers).

5. It is our policy and daily practice to continue to improve staff and guest interactions in a manner that will provide socially distancing and enhance the safety of everyone concerns. Such actions include but are not limited to:

a. Providing optional daily room cleaning service to “stay-overs”
b. Providing towels, wash cloths, and fresh linens to “stay-overs” only when requested
c. Our staff has their temperature checked every day before they begin work
d. Staff must where face masks, gloves, and other PPE where appropriate
e. Every room is thoroughly sanitized before is it reused using a variety of state of the art techniques including but not limited to UV-C germicidal lighting, Electrostatic spraying, and enhanced conventional cleaning using List-N approved products which include brands such as Clorox, Comet, etc.
f. Taking any room where a known COVID-19 person has stayed out of service for 3-days before cleaning and reusing the room
g. Taking non-covid rooms out of service for 24 hours before cleaning if they are not required for the next day
h. Providing free masks to each guest at check-in
i. Making each guest aware of State and County Health requirements
j. Providing our staff training as new disinfecting techniques become available
k. Removing porous objects such as extra pillows and “throws” from guest rooms
l. Having regular meetings with housekeeping and desk to address any concerns and to find any weaknesses in our disinfection/guest safety efforts
m. Recording in a log book any guest concerns. This will enable us to have a quick response time in terms of acting upon the concern and/or identifying where we can improve cleaning techniques.
n. Requiring a daily inspection of each room by a person other then who cleaned the room to verify compliance with standards.

We also recommend all guests and staff follow CDC guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

We believe our rooms are as clean as we can possibly make them. With the addition of new equipment and training, our standards often exceed those required by hospitals and other institutional providers.

All of that said, it is our policy to serve our guest in the best and safest manner possible, to protect our staff, and to adopt new methods of addressing the COVID-19 issue as new guidance become available.

We proudly serve as a participant in the regional Unified Incident Command COVID-19 Response effort designed to share information, coordinate resources, and keep the public safe. We wish to serve our guests, keep the maximum number of staff employed, and set by example the highest possible standards of excellent to represent and help our community. We hope to be the lodging of choice for people who come to our area, not only because we are the cleanest and hold ourselves to the highest standards, but because we provide the best customer service.

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